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If possible I will fix your television in your home
to fix your TV in your home

I need:
Make & Model number of your TV
Description of TV fault

Give you an estimated cost, before we begin television repair
Give you a repair timeline
3 months Guarantee for the same fault

TV Service & Repair Most PLASMA & LCD

Panasonic, Sony, NEC, Fujitsu, Thomson, JVC, Sanyo, Philips, Hisense Hyundai, Samsung, LG, Tiny, Vision, Hitachi, Pioneer, Orion, Delphi, Eliza, Mission, Grundig, Yamaha, Goodmans and many more unbranded type. Alot of repairs are done to component level due to shortages of parts

£130 Part & Labour for
replacing all backlight 10 strips 42” lg tvs if you have any off this models

42LN5700 42LA6200  42LN5400-ZA 42LN5403-ZA 42LN5404-ZA 42LN5405-ZA 42LN5406-ZA 42LN540B-ZA 42LN540R-ZA 42LN540S-ZA 42LN540U-ZA 42LN540U-ZB 42LN541U-ZB 42LN540V-ZA 42LN541V-ZC 42LN542V-ZD 42LA613S-ZA 42LA613V-ZA 42LA6130-ZB 42LA6134-ZB 42LA6136-ZB 42LA613S-ZB 42LA613V-ZB 42LA613V-ZF 42LA613V-ZG 42LA6150-ZB 42LA6154-ZB 42LA6156-ZB 42LA615S-ZA 42LA615S-ZB 42LA615V-ZA 42LA615V-ZB 42LA615V-ZE42LA615V-ZF 42LA6208-ZA 42LA620S-ZA 42LA620V-ZA 42LA6218-ZD 42LA621S-ZD 42LA621V-ZD42LA616V-ZG 42LN5707-ZA 42LN5708-ZA 42LN570R-ZA 42LN570S-ZA 42LN570U-ZA 42LN570V-ZA 42LN5708-ZE 42LN570S-ZE 42LN570V-ZE 42LN5758-ZE 42LN575S-ZE 42LN575V-ZE 42LN5757-ZE 42LN575R-ZE 42LN575U-ZE 42LN5778-ZK 42LN577S-ZK 42LN577V-ZK 42LN5788-ZE 42LN578S-ZE 42LN578V-ZE 42LN6108-ZB 42LN610S-ZB 42LN610V-ZB 42LN6138-ZB 42LN613S-ZB 42LN613V-ZB 42WL30MS-D

Panasonic TX-L42B6B TX-L42BL6B TX-L42B6E TX-L42BL6E

 £130 Part & Labour Replacing Backlight Full Array LED Strip Bar for LG 42LF580V 42LF5800 42LB630V 42LB6300 42LB650V 42LB6500 42LB5500 42LB550V 42LB561V 42LB570V 42LB580V 42lB585V 42LB5610 42LB5800 42LB580N 42LB5700 42LF5610 LED TVs

Mera Plasma LCD/LED Repair

Bromley, Kent   BR1 5SH